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Description  Generating a calendar containing the numbers of week in iCal
Distribution  Freeware of type ecoloware
Current version  1.5       Icone Telechargement
Last revised on October 2008
File size 163 ko
Required system   Icone MacOsX Mac OS 10.3.x and 10.4.x and 10.5.x  Icone Universal
Required language   Fr  GB  N  D  S


Image de NumSemaine This small application makes it possible to generate a file which will post the numbers of week in iCal.

For that, you must:
  1. choose the year of the calendar (option Year) or choose the current date of the first week (option Free), the selected day must correspond with the day chosen below (Monday or Sunday),
  2. specify if the weeks begin on Monday or Sunday,
  3. specify if the mark in iCal relates to the whole week, only to the first day of the week or only to the first day of the week with schedule event (specify the hour, at 8h00 am by default),
  4. choose to simply generate the file .ics Fichier .ics on the desk or to generate the file and to launch the iCal application to integrate it in this one.
  5. during the importation of this calendar to iCal, you could choose to add it as "New calendar", see below.importer iCal
    ATTENTION : The importation of events in a existing calendar is irreversible.
Results in iCal
Mark on the weekMarque semaine
Mark on the 1rst day of the weekMarque jour
Mark on the 1rst day of the week, schedule eventMarque jour heure

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v1.5 October 2008
Version compatible with iCal v3.x and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

v1.4 January 4, 2007
Swedish version with Richard Garp.

v1.3 December 7, 2005
German version with Sylvain Coiplet.

v1.2 December 4, 2005
Norwegian version with Frank Braathen.
Addition of the free start of the calendar for some uses.
Addition of the mark with schedule event.

v1.1 November 10, 2005
Anglicisation of the generated file and its name.
Software compatible with Panther Mac OS X 10.3.x.
Respect for the ISO 8601:2004 norm : thanks to GK !
Application compiled into Universal Binary (Power PC and Intel).

v1.0 September 2005 : first version